What to expect

LynnD photography guidelines

General guidelines: 

At LynnD photo we take pride in our professionalism and dedication to create images that is to standard and value for money. We reserve the editing rights to images created by us and are always available to assist with editing or reworking any of our images. If the image carries our watermark then you may not alter it in any way without permission.

Image storage:

If we have done a photo-session with you you can expect us to make the images available to you within a week. After we’ve handed the images over to you it is your responsibility to ensure safe storage. We keep copies of images only for 1 month on our website if we shared an album with you via our website and 3 months on our servers.

Usage & Licensing: 

If you would like to or intend to use any of the photos we produced for you in any tipe of advertisement, print and digital, you will be levied with either a usage or a license fee. This is an industry standard in in place to protect creative rigths.

Essentially you wish to produce an income with imagery and this is the main reason why.

A license gives you the rights to the image while usage is a fee that is calculated on a year to year basis.

What to expect from a photo-session with us. 

Booking and payment:

We require a booking either by email or telephone call at least a week in advance. For large events we require 1 month minimum notice.

You will be quoted a price and you need to pay us a 50% deposit to confirm your booking.

At this stage we confirm the date and time and show up to do the shoot. We work as a team of photographers on all our photoshoots so you can expect any two of our photographers to attend to your session.

After the shoot we require the balance payment and we prepare your images for you as per agreement and send them via digital transfer or private album on our website. Online albums are removed within 30 days and images are only kept for 3 months on our servers. It is your responsibility to keep them safe.

Usage and Licensing: 

The intend of the images will determine usage and licensing and also the style of editing we will need to apply.

Editing rights: 

LynnD reserves the right to alter images to your specification – irrespective of your intend. Our work carries a particular style and it needs to be represented 100% at all times if it’s in public domain.

The session: 

You can expect 2 photographers at your session – one will be taking pictures while the other handles lighting and posing or styling. We will specify any requirements at the time of confirmation.